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 {{ :images:debug:watch_blackboard.png }} {{ :images:debug:watch_blackboard.png }}
-With this feature you can pause the execution of the game when a node for a concrete behavior tree of a specific entity reach one of the following states:+### Breakpoints
-- Success +Behavior Bricks also features a simple type of breakpoint that allows to pause the execution of the scene whenever a given condition is reached in a particular node of a behavior tree in a given entity.
-- Failed +
-- Aborted +
-- Launched+
-To add a breakpoint you just need to right click in a node and select `Add Breakpoint`:+In order to set a breakpoint you just need to right click in a node and select `Add Breakpoint`, and this can be done while in edit or play mode of the Unity editor:
-![Adding a breakpoint](images/DebugModeQuickStartGuide/AddBreakpoint.PNG "Adding a breakpoint")+{{ :images:debug:breakpoint_add.png }}
-You can configure what events the breakpoint should be triggered in the `Node` tab by marking the desired events.+Then, in the `Node` tab, it is possible to select the event(s) triggered by the node that will make the breakpoint to have effect:
-![Breakpoint events](images/DebugModeQuickStartGuide/BreakpointConfig.PNG "Breakpoint events")+{{ :images:debug:breakpoint.png }}
-In case all events are unmarked the breakpoint will be displayed as disabled with a grey color:+Finally, for the breakpoint to have effect, the scene has to be played, an entity containing the tree with the breakpoint has to be selected in the `Debug` tab, and the behavior tree has to be opened in the Behavior Bricks editor (it is not required it to be in the active tab of the editor). When the breakpoint is reached, the execution of the scene will be paused.
-![Disabled breakpoint](images/DebugModeQuickStartGuide/DisabledBreakpoint.PNG "Disabled breakpoint")+A node with a breakpoint may be in three possible states: inactive with some event selected (left), inactive with none event selected (middle), active (right)
-Remeber that a breakpoint can only be triggered when:+{{ :images:debug:breakpoint_state.png }}
-- You are on Play Mode 
-- Behavior Bricks Editor is open 
-- A valid entity is selected 
-- The behavior that contains the node with the breakpoint attached is open, but you don´t need the behavior to be the active tab. 
-![Triggered breakpoint](images/DebugModeQuickStartGuide/TriggeredBreakpoint.PNG "Triggered breakpoint")