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 # ML-Agents Integration Guide # ML-Agents Integration Guide
 +Behavior Bricks includes the integration of the usage of ML-Agents in the behaviors created through its behavior trees. In this tutorial, we will show how to integrate ML-Agents with Behavior Bricks. We will use an existing node for using ML-Agents in our project. This node, in this case, will execute a pre-trained reinforcement learning shooting behavior in a part of our behavior tree. As we will see at the end of this guide, this node can be used to train a model too.
 +This tutorial continues the small example created in the BT tutorials, where the player moves his avatar in the “environment” (a mere plane) using mouse clicks, and the enemy wanders around and pursues the player when he is near enough. We encourage you to follow that tutorial in the first place but, if you are impatient, its final version (and the starting point for this guide) is available in the Behavior Bricks package, under `Samples\ProgrammersQuickStartGuide\Done` folder. Obviously, you are supposed to have been loaded Behavior Bricks into a new Unity project. Refer to the download instructions in other case.
 +The final scene and all the contents of this ML-Agents integration guide is also available in the Behavior Bricks package, under `Samples\MLAgentsIntegrationGuide\Done` folder.
 ## Setting-up the environment ## Setting-up the environment